General Endorphin FAQs

What is Endorphin Class Etiquette?

Reserve your class in advance

Arrive on time or early – especially if it is your first time visiting us! Please note, some studios are locked when class begins.

– We invite you to unplug during class – please do not use cell phones during class

– Please follow your class teacher’s instructions for your and other students’ safety

– Leave only when class is over (if you must leave early, make sure to tell your instructor before class begins)

Clean the equipment you used! Mats, slam balls, bikes, dumbbells…

Put away equipment where it belongs

Do you have gift cards?
We sell gift cards for only the intro month & 10 class pack. Gift cards may not be applied toward monthly memberships.
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check with a valid ID, and all major credit cards:

– American Express
– Visa
– Mastercard
– Discover

Are there location-specific memberships?
We do not have location specific memberships, however we do offer a Yoga only membership for $99/month, as well as two options for limited visit memberships good at all locations:

– 4 visits / month $69
– 8 visits / month $99

What is your class reservation cancellation policy?
Cancellation Policy:

Due to the demand for reservations in Endorphin classes, we request that you cancel any reservation 10 hours prior to the start time of class to enable others to register in your place. This policy stands for all classes at every Endorphin location. A late cancel fee will be charged for any no-show, or late cancel after 10 hours prior to class start time. Class package holders & limited visit (8x or 4x/month) members have 1 class deducted from package and will be assessed $10 late cancel fee. This applies regardless of the size of class or waitlist at the time of registration.

If you were auto added to the class from the waitlist within the 10 hour period prior to class, and no show, you will not be charged in the event that you may not have received the notification. If you were added from the waitlist prior to the 10 hour period and no show or late cancel, you will still be charged.

There may not be a waitlist at the time you register, however waitlists can occur right up until class time, therefore it is still important to cancel if you cannot make it to class

Late cancel fees are assessed two times per week, therefore charges rarely process same day of the actual late cancel. Please login to your account and check your “visits” screen to see what your late cancels are.

We’ve added our cancellation policy to make it fair to all of our members. Cancellation is easy and helps every member have the chance to take the class of their choice. Our registration system MINDBODY online offers a free mobile app called MINDBODY Connect that allows you to manage your reservations for Endorphin easily on your mobile device. Endorphin also offers a free app “MyEndorphin” app that allows you to manage your reservations on the go.

We appreciate your cooperation!

What should I bring to class?
For all classes, bring water, and a personal sweat towel. For cycle based classes, you can use sneakers or SPD clip shoes for all of our bikes. For yoga classes, please bring a personal mat. We have mats available for rental for $2, and we have towels available for purchase for…
How early should I arrive to class?
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. If you are new, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time. This will allow the teacher enough time to get you set up properly.
Do you partner with Class Pass?
Yes, Endorphin is a Class Pass partner. Please visit to get set up. If you are visiting us on ClassPass for the first time please arrive early so that the instructor may have a few moments to meet you and help you get set up at that particular studio!
What type of bikes do you use for indoor cycling?
Our Eastbridge and Ryders studios feature the Real Ryder bikes. Our LoHi studio features Stages Cycles, and our Broadway Next Door studio features the Schwinn Carbon Blue bike. Our Eagle Ranch studio features LeMond cycles. SPD clips shoes or sneakers both work on all bikes.
How do I cancel my month to month membership?
We do not suspend or pause memberships. If you are on a month to month membership, you may cancel at any time by logging into your personal account, click on “my info”, click on “account”, scroll down to autopays, click the terminate button. Note: your membership will terminate on the day you cancel it. Once a membership is canceled, member is subject to current rates when rejoining.