words by Sara Kemis

There are moments in life that feel impossible. These moments keep us caged up and locked in the fear of not succeeding. There are several reasons I love being a part of Endorphin, but the one that outshines the rest is that I am given an opportunity to see my own strength, to succeed, and to allow others the opportunity to succeed with me.

I could go on and on about bio-mechanics, heart health, or the benefits of yoga combined with strength training, but exercise is much more than technical jargon to me. Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are important, but 90% of fitness is mental. Exercise has been a part of my life since childhood. It has provided challenges that seemed impossible. With these challenges, it has provided room for growth and a chance to overcome obstacles.

I remember my first, real physical challenge. I remember it for the way it made me feel. Freshman year in high school, I tried out for the varsity soccer team with a mission to complete a mile in under 7 minutes. I ran it in 7:05!! Talk about a heart breaker! I tried so hard and just felt like I just couldn’t cut it. I made varsity on one condition, I would complete my mile in under 7 minutes before the season would start. Something I thought was impossible. The next week my whole team ran it with me, encouraging me to run faster. The thought of whether or not I believed I could do it went away in that moment. Being a part of a team that believed I could do it was the only motivation I needed. I thought to myself, “If I could accomplish this, what else am I capable of?”

Being a part of Endorphin gives me that same feeling. We may have different goals, but at the end of the day, I believe in the people around me. I believe in my fellow instructors as well as all of our Endorphin members.

Failure to overcome hurdles in life creates self-doubt. Walking into my first Kinesis class at Endorphin 4.5 years ago, I remembered thinking, “Wow, everyone looks so fit. Maybe if I go back to my car now, no one will no I was here.” After two right ankle reconstructive surgeries, I felt out of place in this group of, what I would consider, athletes. I sucked it up and went for it. It was HARD. I struggled through it, feeling like I must be the most out of shape person here. I came to realize that getting healthy sometimes seems impossible. Recovering from an injury may seem impossible. Life sometimes seems impossible. You look around at everyone else succeeding at losing weight, running, or doing whatever it is you feel like you can’t and you put yourself in a cage. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you can. If you have been to any of my classes you have probably heard me say this before, “Everyone has to start somewhere.” If you don’t start, if you don’t push through the uncomfortable, how do you except to finish. If you don’t face your hurtle how to you know how high you can jump.

Exercise is so much more then big muscles, skinny waists and a great mile time. It is about building confidence in yourself and the overcoming the obstacles you face. What I learn through exercise, I take outside of the gym. Every physical goal I set for myself and accomplish reminds me that I can and will achieve goals in other aspects of my life (emotional, financial, social, and/or spiritual). Sometimes it just takes time, a little pain, and some good old-fashion hard work.

Endorphin is a place of change. It is a place of uncomfortable moments with good people that believe in you. It is a place of success. Success that will follow you outside our gym and into your own life. Every time you are faced with a challenge, an “I can’t” moment, in one of our classes, rise up and meet that challenge. We are here to remind you that you can and you will.

Where else will your fitness take you?