Two years ago my journey was so much different than it is today. Crazy what two years can bring including a bad-ass gym community I found in Endorphin. My motivational March post is about my story. My journey is no longer about losing pounds or inches, using fitness as an escape to fill the void from a life-altering event, or being first in a class or race (though I still have goals in this regard). Now it is about taking the foundation Endorphin has given me to be the best person that I can be everyday. Fitness has been the catalyst to so much in my life over the last two years and continues to be. The foundation it provides has brought me a renewed internal confidence, strength, endurance, heart, and drive. I am so grateful for the Endo community, its instructors, and the space it provides. A space to be myself. A space that accepts me on my bad days, my bad-ass days, and all the days in between. Endorphin has a community that has showed me how to live everyday with heart. The instructors have helped me to recognize what I am actually capable of in life. This does not mean just physical accomplishments like setting and resetting my pull-up PR, but even more so in my personal and professional life. After a few rough months, which included a broken ankle and my step-father passing, it would be easy to make excuses. There were some days that I did. But what fitness has given me is the inner strength to get back up after I have been down. Not every day is perfect but I relish the days that are and respect the days that are not.  Everyday I am so grateful for my health and all the ways fitness transcends into other areas of my life. The newest part of my fitness journey is focusing on me and all of me vs. just my outward appearance. All the work put in at the gym has built my foundation for living a life full of heart, desire, confidence, fun, and adventure – which is the core of who I am.

Happy. Grateful. Love. Just three words that come to mind.