In 2017, Endorphin and its staff are striving to find balance while also promoting it. Balance is quite a goal to achieve. When the idea came up as the topic to promote in 2017, I was stoked.

At 34 years of age, I have spent many of those years not acknowledging the concept of balance. I spent much of my time chasing goals without a plan. I have always been a creature of habit, but I never looked at my routines as building blocks towards something. I just had my routines to keep me grounded and achievement-focused. Balance was only something I used in my skateboarding… not in my life.

Balance to me is an enormous concept that is ongoing in my life. When I find a sense of balance, I tend to look for something new to add to the seesaw in my life. Recently, I have been enjoying the sense of balance I have achieved. I experienced some challenges in my personal life, profession, and sense of purpose in the previous year. I had my family, friends, job, and skateboarding to keep me on my path of helping others.

Becoming a personal trainer/class instructor at Endorphin was a step towards balance in my life. Although, it was not the answer to being balanced, I embraced my love for coaching and helping people. I solidified a part of my foundation in my search for balance in my profession. Other parts of my foundation are embracing who I am as a person. Knowing my strengths, weaknesses, curiosities, fears, doubts, confidences, etc., has shown me where I need to work on being balanced. Being a leader and leading by example has forced my discovery of balance. Simplifying my life and getting back to the basics has brought me closer to finding balance. Being mindful of my food intake and making more time to create my own food has shown my nearing of balance.

Am I balanced? Have I achieved eternal balance in my life? Do I know the answer to finding balance? No. Never. You can never be completely balanced. This is what the word “life” means to me. It is ongoing. It never ends. To tell yourself something is “over” or “done” means it is the end. Balance doesn’t happen. Balance doesn’t come to an end. You live your life striving for it. If you get that sense of it then you live your life alongside it. While you have that sense of balance, enjoy it. Life happens all time. Build your foundation to make you sturdy when life happens. The sturdier your foundation is, the more easily you will be able to get back to finding that sense of balance.

– Keys to Balance –

  • Self-Awareness
  • Embracing Yourself/Honesty with Yourself
  • Goal-Setting/Achieving
  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • Community/Family/Reliable Support

Balance within your exercise routine is about sustainability and variety. Creating a routine that you can sustain creates consistency and confidence. Varying your modalities is essential to seeking balance. Being open to new and different types of movement is a good way to find a new avenue to that concept of being balanced. Moving the same way everyday creates monotony in brain function and muscle movements. Your muscles will lose the ability to change, adapt, grow, and progress if you move in one way. Your body needs to be challenged in more ways than one… and it starts with challenging your mind. Find a way to push yourself to a new class type or type of exercise. It can be a new class at Endorphin or try a workout in the park by yourself or with a friend. Try a new type of yoga class. Try a spin class. Go for a short run. Movement is our drug at Endorphin, but balance is our goal for 2017. Search for your balance with us at Endorphin!