Many people don’t even know what Battle Ropes are. Many people don’t know what the purpose of Battle Ropes within a workout. Many people don’t know the numerous muscles worked within a single Battle Rope movement. At Endorphin, we utilize these ropes to increase grip strength (forearms), increase shoulder strength/stability, and enhance full body control (athleticism). Though you may feel silly while engaged in a Battle Rope movement, you’re doing your body good. Your heart rate rises as you move with the ropes. Whether you are alternating (waves) the ropes or slamming them together, you’ll be beat in under a minute. Not only are the ropes effective within a workout, but they are efficient too!

If you need some extra help getting your first pull-up, rehabbing nagging shoulder injuries, or detoxifying your body, grab some Battle Ropes and get to work! We will be using them in some of our classes (HIIT, Kinesis, Boot Camp, Warriors, Cycle/HIIT). When you see them being used in class, don’t be worried… just pick ’em up and have fun!