Member of the Month – Kirpal Singh

I was a little bit dumbfounded that I was named member of the month at Endorphin. I remember not too long ago falling on my head while trying to hold a handstand (with the wall’s help) in Strength Protocol. Are you sure you really want to hear my story?

Well, maybe that is the story. I don’t think I had ever attempted to do a handstand before coming to Endorphin. I don’t think before Strength [...]

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Member of the Month – Lynn Lester

This is truly an honor to be given an opportunity to share how invaluable the Endorphin community is to me. Thankfully, my journey has frequently pointed to the significance of a healthy mind and body, which I am extremely grateful to my mom for instilling in me and setting the example. I was introduced to Endorphin over a year ago by my manager at work who was a member at the time. He would [...]

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Member of the Month – Amy Smeester

When I started at Endorphin in 2014, I couldn’t lift a slam ball over my head. I couldn’t hold a plank for more then 10 seconds. I was recovering from a major shoulder reconstruction; I’d wrecked my shoulder (and the rest of my body) with years of hockey, re-training race track horses, running, and working in hospitals as an occupational therapist. I was pretty certain I’d never be an athlete again. To say I [...]

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Member of the Month – Paul Millhouser

When Paul’s wife heard the news that he had been chosen to be Endorphin’s Member of the Month, her surprised response was, “You haven’t been the member of the month in all this time?” Being a charter member of the gym since 2007 (when it was Qi), Paul is a very familiar face around the gym. Since he works from home, his daily visits to the gym serve as a welcome reprieve from the [...]

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Searching for Balance by Andrew Gelber

In 2017, Endorphin and its staff are striving to find balance while also promoting it. Balance is quite a goal to achieve. When the idea came up as the topic to promote in 2017, I was stoked.

At 34 years of age, I have spent many of those years not acknowledging the concept of balance. I spent much of my time chasing goals without a plan. I have always been a creature of habit, but [...]

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Recovery by Kery Allen

I have been researching a lot about recovery lately. I had a really hard time recovering from the last race a few months ago. I was constantly fatigued and unmotivated. I am realizing now that over the course of the summer I must have over-trained and over-raced. I think that this is something that plagues a lot of endurance athletes. We train super hard running/ riding miles and miles whether our body is ready [...]

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Member of the Month – Matt and Shellie Chambers

Up until a few years ago, we’d shied away from group exercise classes. As Colorado natives (Shellie 100%, Matt since he was 8), we’ve enjoyed all that Colorado has to offer – hiking, biking, snowboarding, etc – and felt we were doing a good job staying active and fairly fit. Well, that all changed when we attended our first Ryders class 6 or so years ago. Bree Murphy was the instructor, and not only [...]

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Member of the Month – Arteom Akopyan

I started doing yoga a little over a year and a half ago. Autumn Lusk taught a class once a week at my former workplace. The first time I tried yoga I was having a really hard time! But it was a really good practice, felt uniquely euphoric after it. Autumn is cool as hell. I very much recommend you check out her classes. I’ve been practicing with Autumn most every week since I [...]

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Member of the Month – Rebecca Powell

I came to Endorphin about 2 years ago as a marathon runner with no muscles from the waist up. While I’ve always loved being active, I had a very one-sided view of fitness. To me, being fit meant fast and thin. I didn’t value strength or flexibility. But I got bored and wanted to try something new. At Endorphin I’ve learned the importance of being physically and mentally well-rounded. Now I have a balanced [...]

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Member of the Month – Jennifer Harber

Someone once asked me, “Why do you workout so hard if you’re not training for any competitions?” My response, “I do it to for my kids, but, most importantly, I do it for my health”.

In October of 2014, my friend Merritt invited me to a class she was teaching called Cycle/Row. That hour felt like 5 hours, and I had to talk myself into going back to each class for an entire month after [...]

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