Chris Barringer – ENDO Love

It’s time for motivation March folks! I’m not sure I really know how to motivate someone. I’m not as tough or inspiring as so many of you out there. I’m not fighting any kind of disease, I’m not fighting obesity… I’m not fighting mental illness (that I know of unsure emoticon )… I’m not fighting being seriously injured, losing family, or heartbreak. All of you out there that are fighting these fights motivate me. All of [...]

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Leslie Scotland-Stewart – ENDO Love

About a year and a half ago I stepped into my first Endorphin Cycle/Row class after it had been recommended by a friend. I had made the choice that I was tired of being tired and out of shape. Having 2 young children, I knew I would never keep up with them while having a career if I didn’t make some major changes. I worked hard on my nutrition and relationship with food, and [...]

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Marlise Rael – ENDO Love

It’s motivational March at Endorphin. A month where the members of Endorphin are working on getting our friends and family on a fitness path for health. I wanted to share my story!

It was over two years ago when I was on a very unhealthy path. I was in a legal battle over my son, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my mother passed just as we were mending our relationship. I found myself [...]

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Courtney Tawresey – ENDO Love

It’s Motivation March at Endorphin… So here comes another “I love my gym post…” I know, I know.

But seriously guys… Even the luckiest ones don’t get enough time on this earth. We all end up in the same place, whether you’re in the best shape or the worst shape: dead. So what does it matter, really? Trust me, I’ve had those thoughts. I sometimes even still have those thoughts. Who wants to spend even [...]

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Motivation for March

words byAndrew Gelber IFTA CPT This month at Endorphin we are all about spreading the enjoyment of movement and fitness to loved ones. It is truly an amazing gift to have your health. We often ignore and/or take it for granted because our lives’ are overcome with distractions (work, stress, plans, travel, hardships). It is hard to find the time to take care of ourselves properly. It all starts with establishing a routine. We [...]

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Member of the Month – Sadie Kirschke

My husband and I moved to Denver just over three years ago to be closer to our daughter, Janae. At that time she had been in Denver a little under a year and had already connected with an incredible community of people through her journey of recovery. My husband, Jon, and I were excited to move to the city, but a little out of our element as our passions were historically based on outdoor [...]

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Motivational March – Bring a Buddy Challenge

March is all about motivation; motivating friends and family to be healthier and happier! From March 1st – 31st, if you are a current member, bring a “buddy” (friend, loved one, or family member) to Endorphin! This buddy must attend a minimum of 10 classes throughout the month. They can attend all 10 classes with you, or can attend on their own, as long as they visit ten times. The buddy cannot currently have [...]

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Member of the Month – Ted Thonus

Do you ever feel like there was an event that’s marked a restart or redo in your life? Of course we all have a birthday, but I mean a second day that carries with it much of the same, if not more meaning. Mine was on 8-24-2004.

On that day I had a headache. Within 24 hours I was in a rush emergency surgery to have a mass removed from my brain. The official diagnosis [...]

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Endorphin January Social Media Check-In Challenge

We have a new challenge for the month of January: Social Media Check-In! From 1/1 – 1/31, use the rules listed below to check in through various social media platforms and earn points! The contestant that accumulates the most points during the month of January wins!

What do you win?! The TOP 3 point winners can choose between A Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor or an Unlimited Month at Endo.

Here are the points [...]

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Member of the Month – Melanie Harder

I do something physical every day. Not only do I physically feel great, my mind feels great too. I’ve been a member at Endorphin for over 5 years. There were a couple of years that really tested my entire world. The only constant in my life was Endorphin – the staff, teachers, friends – positive and open people who fostered the rebirth of my enthusiasm. Endorphin has given me the tools to conquer any [...]

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