It’s time for motivation March folks! I’m not sure I really know how to motivate someone. I’m not as tough or inspiring as so many of you out there. I’m not fighting any kind of disease, I’m not fighting obesity… I’m not fighting mental illness (that I know of unsure emoticon )… I’m not fighting being seriously injured, losing family, or heartbreak. All of you out there that are fighting these fights motivate me. All of you that just keep pushing forward. All of you that make me realize that you only fail when you stop trying. You are my hero’s, my inspiration, and most definitely my motivation.

I’ve learned from watching many of you that in order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. Almost 6 years ago, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, couldn’t run around a city block, and had extreme anxiety. Since then, I’ve completed multiple 10k’s, 2 Marathons, 16 Obstacle Course races (of which 5 were 24 hour Worlds Toughest Mudders (70 miles, almost 300 obstacles, and 1st in my division at the last one)), a 50 mile MTB, a 100 mile MTB, 100 mile trail run (nonstop), Ironman, participated in American Ninja Warrior, have become a fitness instructor, and almost all of my anxiety is gone.

I can say that I would not have done any of these things if I hadn’t met Chris Lindley and the community at Endorphin. Chris LindleyNick Spinosa, and Briana Christine were some of the first folks I met at Endorphin. They taught me “Don’t quit on yourself!” (Lindley). Thank you Chris! You and all the people I’ve met at Endorphin have truly changed and improved my life. You continue to make me excited about life and motivate me more than you would ever know.