It’s Motivation March at Endorphin… So here comes another “I love my gym post…” I know, I know.

But seriously guys… Even the luckiest ones don’t get enough time on this earth. We all end up in the same place, whether you’re in the best shape or the worst shape: dead. So what does it matter, really? Trust me, I’ve had those thoughts. I sometimes even still have those thoughts. Who wants to spend even an hour a day being bored on a treadmill or doing whatever form of exercise is apparently the best for us right now? I don’t have kids to be here for, so who gives a crap?

Well, I give a crap because here’s the deal: as boring at the treadmill might be (and trust me, I hate it too), it isn’t about that hour in the gym. It’s not. It isn’t about the pounds you’ll lose, or the muscle you’ll gain (though that’s quite nice). The photos here show my journey. They show the pounds I’ve lost and the muscle I’ve gained. That part of the journey is important, but that’s not what it’s about. The photos will never show what truly matters, what it’s really all about…

It’s about the person you become on this journey. The time I spend in the gym, out running, on my bike, or even on the treadmill (and yes, I know it’s sometimes too much), makes me a better person, a better lawyer, a better friend, a better daughter, a better ME! This journey has taught me that my body is stronger than what I can even comprehend. It has taught me that accomplishment is around any corner. It’s taught me that I’m worth the time that I devote to myself. That regardless of what the scale says I am worthy, not only of love that other people have to give, but the love of myself! Sounds pretty simple, I know. But it’s been a long 35 year road…

I can’t tell you what started me down the fitness path again (it’s one I’ve waived on and off for years). I didn’t have a “this is it” moment like every other time. But I can tell you what keeps me on that path, and it’s not me (that’s hard for a perfectionist, overachiever to admit). It’s the people around me. I know if I skip a morning class, I’m going to get called out. I know that if I’m not peddling that bike hard enough, Lindley, Merritt, Scott, Nick, or many of the other Endo instructors are going to hold me accountable. And when i’m truly struggling (because everyone does), all of my Endo family is there to offer encouragement, kind words, a beer, a hug, and anything else that I might need. Because, you see, the funny thing is that when you’re committed to your life, you attract and find people who are committed right back. I’ve added so many new friends to my life in the past 15 months since I started at Endorphin. People who motivate me and hold me accountable, every. single. day. That’s motivation. It isn’t a “grab me a slice” and I’m good. It’s an every. day. thing.

So figure out what you can do today to motivate yourself and motivate others. And then do it again tomorrow. And the day after. Maybe it’s walking around the block. Maybe it’s telling someone that you’re proud of their journey. Maybe it’s telling yourself that you’re worth it. Because you are. We all are.

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