Are you an Ultimate Endorphin Warrior?

Let’s put it to the test with our new CHALLENGE! Attend at least one of each type of class offering we have between now and the end of the year. That’s 25 different classes. Not only will you get to see how much Endorphin has to offer, but you will experience all of our awesome studios, and many of our incredible instructors. It’s time to branch out, get some balance, and join the Endorphin Ultimate Warrior Challenge!

What do you win? Just for signing up, you will receive a free Endorphin Warrior wristband featured above. Complete the challenge by attending all 25 different types of classes, and you will receive an official Endorphin HOODIE!!! Now that’s some sweet schwag!

Here are all the official details:
1. Sign up for the challenge by September 15th, by filling out a quick form to receive your Endorphin Warrior wristband. You MUST sign up by 9/15/17 to receive a wristband.
2. The challenge starts as soon as you sign up!
3. Attend at least one of each different type of class offering – 25 in total – by December 31st, 2017.
4. Keep track of the classes you’ve attended through your account visit history. We will also provide you with a class offering, challenge check-sheet!
5. Let us know how you are doing throughout the challenge on Facebook and Instagram! Post pics and stories of your favorite classes and instructors by using the hashtag #endoultimatewarriorchallenge – you might just win a prize!
6. Because you have until the end of the year to complete this challenge, only ONE class per day will count towards the challenge (no doubles!).
7. We will email all participants on 9/16 with a challenge overview and details on wristband pick-up, class offering check sheet, completion instructions, and a private Facebook group just for challengers!
8. Here is the official list of the 25 classes that must be attended:
Functional Indoor Cycling
Strength Training
Ass & Abs
Mobility & Recovery
Functional Athlete
Dirty 30
Mountain Made Fitness
Cardio Barre
Barre Sculpt
Barre 360
Vinyasa All Levels
Power Vinyasa
Vinyasa Foundations
Align Yoga
Yoga Sculpt
Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga