ENDO Youth Weightlifting

IMG_8190_smEndorphin is offering an 8-week coaching intensive program geared to introduce pre-teens and teens to weightlifting. One of the tenets of our programs is to safely instruct and develop various lifts by an experienced and certified coach.


– Monday/Wednesday 4:20-5:30 OR 5:30-6:45
1/16, 1/18, 1/23, 1/25, 1/30, 2/1, 2/6, 2/8, 2/13, 2/15, 2/20, 2/22, 2/27, 3/1, 3/6, 3/8

– Tuesday/Thursday 4:20-5:30 OR 5:30-6:45
1/17, 1/19, 1/24, 1/26, 1/31, 2/2, 2/7, 2/9, 2/14, 2/16, 2/21, 2/23, 2/28, 3/2, 3/7, 3/9

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Cost: $250

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Students will learn technical movements used by elite athletes in strength and conditioning programs at the collegiate and professional level. These methods of strength training are geared at producing proper movement patterns, improved athlete skill, gains in strength and power, refinements in balance and coordination, and also, increased mental fortitudee.

The benefits of strength training extend far outside of just sports training. Students will see improvement in stronger, healthier joints, increased bone density, improved metabolism, positive body image, and increased self-confidence/self-esteem.

Students additionally benefit from an added environment in their personal lives. The atmosphere of the weightlifting room fosters cooperative relationships with peers, and exposes them to others that are goal-oriented and dedicated to learning a new skill.

Our program will teach students squats (various), press (various), deadlift, clean, jerk, and additional auxiliary strength movements.

Modifications will be employed for those who need them. Children with physical impairments and behavioral disorders show great progress in this environment and can be accommodated in regular classes.

For more information, contact Neil Allman at neil@myendorphin.com or 720-955-3677