About a year and a half ago I stepped into my first Endorphin Cycle/Row class after it had been recommended by a friend. I had made the choice that I was tired of being tired and out of shape. Having 2 young children, I knew I would never keep up with them while having a career if I didn’t make some major changes. I worked hard on my nutrition and relationship with food, and then started to address my fitness. I’ll never forget how much I struggled during that first class. I’ll also never forget the look that Chris Lindley gave me (a sadistic grin) as he slapped me on the back and told me to keep going. About an hour after that first class, I experienced one of the biggest “endorphin” highs of my life! I was hooked immediately!

1 1/2 years later, I’m physically doing things I never thought possible for myself. I’m down 40 pounds and love the feedback I get about how “strong” (not skinny) I look! But the biggest surprise, and gift, has been the community that I’ve found at Endorphin. It’s full of people that are adventurous, kind, fun, and incredibly supportive. This has become my tribe and the crew that I want to spend my very precious spare time with! Who knew that I would actually become an instructor myself, and start to help others through their journey to health!

Getting healthy is also about more than the physical benefits. Holding onto extra body weight can sometimes represent holding on to some emotional weight. When I experienced this health transformation, I noticed incredible changes in my emotional well-being. Confidence, mindfulness, connection with others and an overall improvement in my mood were just some of the many benefits I continue to have. Endorphin is not just about whipping you into shape (although if you want that, it’s there). It’s about being healthy in mind, body and spirit. That’s why there’s about 1,000 different class formats and experiences offered. Oh, and if you can… go on the Costa Rica trip! BEST of times!!

I’m grateful every day for all of these gifts. It’s true that you will get back what you put into all things. Put the work in, let this wonderful community into your life and stay committed! The rewards are endless!