When I started at Endorphin in 2014, I couldn’t lift a slam ball over my head. I couldn’t hold a plank for more then 10 seconds. I was recovering from a major shoulder reconstruction; I’d wrecked my shoulder (and the rest of my body) with years of hockey, re-training race track horses, running, and working in hospitals as an occupational therapist. I was pretty certain I’d never be an athlete again. To say I was discouraged would be an understatement. I could only run a few minutes without begging for mercy from my mentor.

Then I walked into Endorphin at Lowry and met Andrew for my first HIIT class. He smiled. He memorized my name. He asked about my limitations. I answered, “Which one? My age? My shoulder? My complete lack of muscle? My ego?”. He modified every single exercise for me over the next 2 years. He made sure I was challenged but safe. He encouraged me to keep coming back. For 2 years, he helped me return to, and far surpass, the athlete I was.

In 2015 I was strong enough to mentor a breast cancer survivor through Running Start as a Skirt Sports ambassador. I had the honor of being her mentor and running an 8K together. I started playing hockey again! In 2016, I ran my first 1/2 marathon at age 52! In 2017, I see no limits for myself.

Endorphin has truly been a lifeline for me. Every coach is encouraging, incredibly skilled, and uplifting. At every class I laugh, sweat, and work my butt off. My favorites are HIIT, Kinesis, and the new Bootcamp at Stanley. I might have given up without all of you — coaches and fellow athletes who encouraged me along the way. Endorphin is a place of full acceptance regardless of age, fitness, and goals. I’m so grateful for the environment Endorphin provides!