I started doing yoga a little over a year and a half ago. Autumn Lusk taught a class once a week at my former workplace. The first time I tried yoga I was having a really hard time! But it was a really good practice, felt uniquely euphoric after it. Autumn is cool as hell. I very much recommend you check out her classes. I’ve been practicing with Autumn most every week since I started doing yoga, her teachings and friendship have been invaluable to me, and I am truly grateful that our paths crossed the way they did. Yoga at work lasted about 6 months, until my employer stopped offering the program. Autumn was kind enough to offer practicing with her at another location. When I was ready to take my practice to a studio, she recommended Endorphin. I didn’t think twice about it. Practicing yoga at Endorphin has been a real pleasure. The staff are very friendly. I really dig the energy of everyone working out in the gym area. Everyone seems to have a goal and they’re working towards it. It gets you in the right mindset as you make your way to class. I first started by adding Erin Wimert’s Saturday 90 minute class to my once a week class with Autumn. Erin is equally cool. Her classes are always fun and substantive.

What really stepped things up for me was leaving my old job just this last spring. I had just over a month between jobs, and I decided to sign up for the monthly yoga membership at Endorphin. I aimed to practice about five times a week. It was a really a good experience. I took mostly all levels classes and got to work with many teachers with whom I hadn’t the opportunity to work with in the past. Also with regular practice I slowly started to progress to a place where I could attend some of the tougher Power Vinyasa classes. When I started my new job I really started to miss the regular practice, fortunately I was able to arrange it so I could leave in time for the 5:30 classes at Endorphin. It also really worked out for me geographically, as I work in Golden and live in Aurora; Stop to do yoga in Denver right after work, then take an easy drive home. I started with first three days of week with Isabelle Saez, Andy Jans, and Amanda Poland at Berkley location, and then Valerie Perrone on Thursday and Erin Wimert on Friday at City Park and Park Hill. Saturday is my rest day, though every now and then I will sneak into Diane Sieg’s morning Align 2 class at Park Hill. Sunday I take Autumn’s Vinyasa 2 class, and recently Mark Genco’s Align 2 class, when I can make it. I’m all for having an Align class in your practice. When the Berkley studio closed early this last Summer I had switched to City Park, taking classes with Ben Davis and Tina Porter. I have also recently started to attend classes with John Cargile when possible.

I want to thank all the teachers who I’ve worked with in the past and currently. They are all exceptionally talented individuals and I am very much grateful for their passion and dedication in teaching others their practice. I could write a paragraph on each of them, what makes them so awesome, and why you should go to their classes…

Tigress with Julieta Claire was the next big change in my practice. I happened to be in a few classes where Julieta was substituting. She is pretty awesome. She is someone that is completely passionate about yoga, with a remarkably tough practice. Tigress is very challenging, it will take you as far as you can go, and then further once you get there. One of the core values that is taught is to have a practice where strength and flexibility are in balance, something you start to appreciate with regular attendance. It’s also a great community/good group of people. I’ve found practicing with Julieta to be immensely resourceful and have thoroughly enjoyed attending the Tigress classes.

In the past it hasn’t always been easy for me to maintain a workout regiment, it has never been a priority for me, and always has been a chore. Yoga has been a much more interesting experience. There are various schools of yoga, endless poses with various options, teachers, sequences, not to mention how you decide to approach your practice any given day. Beyond that it’s really been the teachers who I’ve had the fortune to work with, their classes are just fun to keep up with. Consistency has been the key to my practice, but I don’t discount the good fortune that I’ve had along the way. The fortune to be healthy enough to exercise, to have had a workplace program that offered yoga, to have met such a cool teacher with whom I started my practice, to be practicing at a studio with such uniquely talented individuals leading, and to be at a place where I can start to practice some of the more advanced poses. Understanding and appreciating the value of my fortunes and how to act on them with gratitude is what has kept me returning to my mat. It’s a practice which has lead me to be in the best physical shape I’ve been in, and I hope to have the fortune to maintain it for many years to come.