We are honored to be chosen as the Members of the Month.

Lyndsey, Luisa and myself are together most days at Stapleton Home Services working hard to keep Stapleton clean. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend my weekdays with these ​two wonderful women​ over the past many years.​ I love them.​

​Our Endorphin story starts with Chris Lindley (Endorphin founder and owner) moving across the street from me in Staplet​on. At that time Chris was really just getting Endorphin rolling.

To be ​completely ​honest, I kind of avoided ​Chris​ for awhile as I really had no interest in getting to know some me​a​thead jock or to have him sell me on joining his gym full of guys like him!

Of course if you know Chris and Endorphin, you know that my perception was as far from reality as it could be. I regret my early judgement very much.

I got to know Chris and we became friends. I don’t know of anyone who I respect more or any company that is on a better path.

​We joined Endorphin about 2 years ago​ ​and ​started doing a Warriors class​ ​once a week. ​ ​It was very hard, but we had a blast. Very soon after, Lyndsey and Luisa dropped their​ daily​ workouts at Core Power. We ​went all in with Endorphin. We now work out 4- ​5 days a week at lunchtime.

We mix it up, taking advantage of all Endorphin has to offer. Warriors, yoga (Erin is great!), Kinesis, functional cycling, and weightlifting.
​Endorphin is as important to ​the ​company as our microfiber towels, vacuums, or electric cars​! Healthy and happy!
​ ​
Thank you Chris and Endorphin ​for everything! We look forward to expanding our happiness with you all​ for many years to come.