Someone once asked me, “Why do you workout so hard if you’re not training for any competitions?” My response, “I do it to for my kids, but, most importantly, I do it for my health”.

In October of 2014, my friend Merritt invited me to a class she was teaching called Cycle/Row. That hour felt like 5 hours, and I had to talk myself into going back to each class for an entire month after that. I kept going because there is something very motivating about working out with a room full of people who are training like athletes. Fast forward two years later, I go to an Endorphin class 5 days a week. It is my reset for the day. I am not the fastest or the strongest in any Endorphin class, but I am consistent and that’s all that matters. That consistency has made this 39 year old mother of two see herself as strong, mentally and physically.

Thank you to all the instructors who have kicked my ass over the years. Thank you to Sara Kemis for showing me that strong and healthy isn’t about the scale. It is about how I feel.