Up until a few years ago, we’d shied away from group exercise classes. As Colorado natives (Shellie 100%, Matt since he was 8), we’ve enjoyed all that Colorado has to offer – hiking, biking, snowboarding, etc – and felt we were doing a good job staying active and fairly fit. Well, that all changed when we attended our first Ryders class 6 or so years ago. Bree Murphy was the instructor, and not only did we have to get used to the way the bikes moved, we also had to attempt to keep up with Bree who was 7 or 8 months pregnant at the time! Well, Matt had to stop halfway through the class to avoid throwing up, but Shellie was hooked immediately. This was obviously a whole new level of fitness we were dipping our toes into and we had to step up our game.

While Matt still feels like he is going to throw up at times, the 5:30am Kinesis classes get him out of bed and working out regularly. Shellie’s regular Warrior and Cycling classes allowed her to follow Bree’s lead and complete her noon Warriors class the day she went into labor with our daughter – and picked it right back up as soon as her doctor cleared her to afterwards. Because of Endorphin, we have increased our fitness levels, become more mindful about what and how we eat, and are able to enjoy all of our outdoor loves at a more challenging level. We can snowboard longer and harder, hike with our daughter on our backs, and pull her in a trailer on bike tours around Germany and Slovenia. As parents of a 4 year old, we need all of the energy and stamina we can get – we’d like to be snowboarding, biking, and hiking with her well into our 50’s and 60’s.

The classes are the most challenging you could ask for, and taught with the attitude that it’s your workout and you’ll only get out of it what you put into it. Endorphin has also assembled the most incredible instructors in Nick, Andrew, Jody, Bree, Val, Sharon, Paige, Ben (the list goes on). They all bring endless enthusiasm and passion to their classes and make you want to bust your ass even more. We’re hooked on the classes Endorphin offers – even completing Sharon’s “12 Days of Christmas” workout on Christmas Eve while out of town.

Thanks to Endorphin for being such an amazing community!

-Matt and Shellie Chambers-