I do something physical every day. Not only do I physically feel great, my mind feels great too. I’ve been a member at Endorphin for over 5 years. There were a couple of years that really tested my entire world. The only constant in my life was Endorphin – the staff, teachers, friends – positive and open people who fostered the rebirth of my enthusiasm. Endorphin has given me the tools to conquer any fear, set new goals and achieve them.

My first “sport” was ballet and then gymnastics, softball, running, Pilates, spinning, biking, skiing and circuit training. I love to challenge myself – any new physical or mental challenge makes me excited and driven…. until it gets hard – and then my motivation really kicks in and I get quiet as I figure it out.

Yoga presented a challenge so I relished conquering it! The first couple of yoga classes that I went to I felt like I was going to throw up. Yoga Teacher Training took yoga to a new level for me. Along the way, I have been fortunate to be taught by fantastic mentors like Christa, Julieta, Erin, Steph, Annie, Natalie, Briana, Jenny, Valerie, Kelley, Ben and so many others. The practice leads me to strength, patience, discipline, joy and introspection.

Kinesis and Ryders are my two other favorite Endorphin creations. Chris, Sara, Briana, Ben, Andrew, Nick – I can’t thank you all for motivating me to be better and to set and reach higher goals than I ever imagined.

On a whim I went to India on a trip that was life changing – returning to my Endorphin family with more goals and more tools to make it happen. My physical practice has flourished and my approach to nutrition is working – lost weight, built muscle …and my great life is back.

In gratitude…