Originating from Ohio, I spent the majority of my family vacations sailing around and discovering the exotic islands of Lake Erie which left me with an unsettled desire to explore further. With a degree in fashion and a fear quickly setting in that my most promising career in the Buckeye State might be as a manager at the GAP, I quickly shipped my high heel-clad life to the Big Apple. Gyms in NYC were congested, mad expensive, and seemed to add to my stress level, which led me to join a running club that had me running circles around Central Park until I was dizzy. While I had finally found the camaraderie that I was seeking, a troublesome knee, and the threat of boredom kept my mileage to a minimum. With an undying devotion to keep the adrenaline pumping, I was always anticipating my next fix so took the plunge and relocated to Denver.

I “shopped” every local gym in the Denver area seeking the type of environment that would both challenge me and keep me coming back for more. I had been a member at two different gyms only to find that they were all lacking in variety, member appreciation, and community spirit. I rarely had conversations with other gym members and saw my workouts as more of a task. Since I have landed at Endorphin, Billy has shown me how to appreciate yoga on a level I never thought possible, Nick actually took the time to correct my boxing stance, Chris coaxed me into my first forearm stand, and Sara, Andrew, and Jody always succeed at making me feel like puking on my shoes after a Kinesis class! I am so grateful to have found a gym that finally makes me feel like I am making an investment in both my health and my future. Thank you for building such a great foundation that actually gets me excited to get to the gym with workouts that always keep me guessing!

Despite finally feeling great about reaching my fitness goals and my own passion for wellness, I was still trapped in a dead-end career pushing paper. It was clear to me that I was not living my passion. To remedy this, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Holistic Health Coach. With these teachings and my undying urge to learn and practice a better way of living, I now live my passion and strive to help others find the best version of themselves.

My commitment to fitness and wellness was deepened over the course of last winter when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. My brain buzzed about all of the new things I would work with him on, and the changes that I wanted to implement into his lifestyle and diet. Even during his battle with cancer, people would ask him, “How are you?” he would respond with “best day ever.” I was always struck by what a powerfully simplistic and perfect answer that was and how we should all live to have the “best day ever” every day. After he lost his battle with cancer a few short months later, I vowed to devote my knowledge, experience, and passion toward helping others make significant changes to their lives so that they could thrive and live every day as the Best Day Ever, which is also the name of my wellness business. I can confidently say that wherever he is, he is only having the best days and would be thrilled to know that I have made it my passion to share his message. I know the work I do for my clients makes him very proud.

Thank you to Endorphin and all of its members for helping me have the Best Day Ever and be a part of a community that values and cherishes wellness and fitness!