When Paul’s wife heard the news that he had been chosen to be Endorphin’s Member of the Month, her surprised response was, “You haven’t been the member of the month in all this time?” Being a charter member of the gym since 2007 (when it was Qi), Paul is a very familiar face around the gym. Since he works from home, his daily visits to the gym serve as a welcome reprieve from the endless demands of his small daughters, pets, and work deadlines. Endorphin is truly a home away from home, and he considers several employees to be good friends.

Paul became interested in nutrition and fitness after college. Ever disciplined, Paul regularly lifted weights and road biked. When he met his wife in 2001, he became influenced by her love of endurance sports, and together they competed in a marathon and several triathlons, including a half-Ironman.

The time constraints presented by raising small kids have limited some of these activities, but not stopped them. Last spring, Paul successfully completed the Colfax half marathon, despite running with a broken arm from a bike accident!

Today, he continues to enjoy lifting weights, running, and participating in the occasional Kinesis, Ryders, or yoga class. He also enjoys skiing, swimming, and hiking. Staying fit also keeps him ready for the occasional adventure, including backpacking through a national park in Zambia. On the home front, you’ll regularly seeing him walking around the South City Park neighborhood with his three dogs and two daughters.