I came to Endorphin about 2 years ago as a marathon runner with no muscles from the waist up. While I’ve always loved being active, I had a very one-sided view of fitness. To me, being fit meant fast and thin. I didn’t value strength or flexibility. But I got bored and wanted to try something new. At Endorphin I’ve learned the importance of being physically and mentally well-rounded. Now I have a balanced schedule of HIIT, Kinesis, Warriors, and yoga to build my strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility. Beyond the physical exertion, each class challenges me mentally in different and unique ways. (Painfully) Slowly over time, I can now see my biceps!

Since joining Endorphin I’m seeing amazing and unexpected results in many areas outside the gym as well. My skiing and mountain biking have improved drastically. I recovered about twice as fast from my second ACL surgery (post-Endorphin) compared to my first ACL surgery (pre-Endorphin). And most importantly, I feel more empowered, motivated, and energized on a daily basis!

Thank you to all the Endorphin instructors who make hard (and painful) work fun every day!