My husband and I moved to Denver just over three years ago to be closer to our daughter, Janae. At that time she had been in Denver a little under a year and had already connected with an incredible community of people through her journey of recovery. My husband, Jon, and I were excited to move to the city, but a little out of our element as our passions were historically based on outdoor endurance adventures. We thrived on punishing pursuits, preferably in the middle of nowhere. We floundered in and out of a few gyms and I dabbled in some road cycling, but nothing stuck until Janae convinced me to go to a yoga class at Endorphin. Eventually she talked me in to more classes – a boxing class with Nick Spinosa, a yoga sculpt class with Ben Davis… until finally I was attending (and still do) about 5 classes a week. I marveled at the feeling of learning how to move my body beyond the single plane of movement that I had known in running, hiking, and cycling. It felt like learning how to play again! The instructors at Endorphin are so incredibly supportive and encouraging that I am learning how to jump and go upside down and even fall – in my 40’s! It took some encouraging but we finally got Jon to start going to classes too. Some of my most treasured moments are times when all three of us have made it to a class together. And while it’s been incredible to grow in health as a family, we have also seen our family grow to include the instructors and other members of Endorphin. It has been an unexpected surprise – that we did not just join a gym, but became a part of a wonderful and diverse community. And for that, I am so thankful.