Life has been full of fitness and nutrition ups and downs for me… But I’ll just start where my Endorphin story begins.

A little over a year ago I was having a pretty typical pity-party for myself. I had been having intense hamstring pain for the past 18 months. I was in denial and surviving on 12+ Advil per day. In addition, I was driving around with a cooler of ice packs in my car so I could keep my booty chill (I’m a realtor so my office is typically my car).

For as long as I can remember, running was my thing, 100%. It was so easy, happy, effective and fun for me. That was no longer the case. I was doing a sprint workout when I felt a hot shooting sensation down my backside. I thought to myself “Huh, that was weird.” I kept running for a year, hence the ice & Advil.

My friend, Jeff Beunier, wisely asked me: “Does it hurt a lot when you run?”… to which I answered “Yes”. He then asked “So why don’t you stop running? Try spinning with me at Endorphin?” Duh!

We agreed to meet a couple days later at a 5AM class with Chris Lindley on Broadway. Admittedly, I was very skeptical. I doubted anything could give me even close to the incredible high, efficient calorie burn, and sweat I craved from running. Within a few minutes, I was blissfully and painfully proven wrong.

For a few months I continued to try to run in addition to my Endorphin workout schedule. Still suffering from a lot of pain, I finally went to get an MRI and learned I had a 30% tear in my hamstring at the attachment point. Doctor’s orders no exercise at all, PT 3 times a week, come back and see us in 90 days. Oh yeah, and did I mention my precious beautiful dog died very suddenly that summer? Puke!!

But I did it. I rested, went to PT, got better, and came back to Endorphin last fall. Since then, not only have I dug myself out of the emotional and physical hole I fell into while on “rest”, but I fit back in to my “truth tellers” (skinny jeans)! I feel like I have a whole new lease on life.

I am so grateful for everything my Endorphin family has given me. The classes are the best, the instructors the most “badass-meets-encouraging,” I get QT with friends, old and new, and I get to do things with my body that I never knew I could do. For many many months, I was terrified to try Hellth, but now I am a regular. I did 22 push-ups per day for 22 days. I have done my first few CrossFit-inspired workouts ever with Neil & Chris, and even participated in the July 4th Dietz WOD. I put that hammy to the test for real and loved it. I can’t wait to see what is next…

But the best thing about it all is the way I feel in my soul. I feel more like my real self in an Endorphin class than when I am doing anything else. I think I feel that way not because I can only be myself in those sweat sessions, but rather, because I know my being there makes me a better (dog) mom, girlfriend, sister, daughter, realtor, auntie, friend, and human when I leave. I look around that room at 5am and get a lump in my throat. I am soooo not a morning person. But once the lights dim down, the music turns up, and we all start getting sweaty together, there is no place I would rather be.