Do you ever feel like there was an event that’s marked a restart or redo in your life? Of course we all have a birthday, but I mean a second day that carries with it much of the same, if not more meaning. Mine was on 8-24-2004.

On that day I had a headache. Within 24 hours I was in a rush emergency surgery to have a mass removed from my brain. The official diagnosis came back as a “subependymal giant cell astrocytoma”. I was told that the mass they removed was rarely ever found in adults, but was seen most often in children who died from their suffering from lack of critical brain function(s), or died attempting to recover from the removal procedure. Amazingly after a very successful removal, I was back to work within 2 months. I was operating at about 98% of what I was before this crazy sequence of events. I say 98% because 2% of me was different. Although I had to relearn how to speak and communicate, it all came back very quickly.

The 2% represented my new purpose and a new outlook on life. You can’t go through brain surgery, recover and then come out the other side and look at things the same. You have a bold new outlook and are more willing to do things differently – do things better! Within a year I left my career at Qwest and started Cottonwood Communications, a technology consulting agency. It was something I had thought about for years but only now had the guts to pull off.

Why stop there? I began reevaluating all areas of my life. The driving question for me was, “In what area of my life am I out of balance and what changes do I need to make”? Although I had two kids (at the time they were 1 and 3 years old), my wife and I were very much into the bar and party scene. We were spending money we didn’t have to impress people we didn’t know. Ever been there? During that time I heard a lecture by a guy who talked about a balanced life having equal parts professional, spiritual, relational and physical. I had the professional and relational parts down, but the other two legs were almost non-existent. My life was WAY out of balance.

Since 2004 I have spent much time incorporating a spiritual aspect to my life. I’ve been attending an incredible church with incredible people in Northeast Denver called Landing Place. There I met Chris Barringer and his wife who at the time were living in Brighton. Some of you know him as the crazy guy that goes for 40-50 mile jogs around Denver – Yep, same guy! He invited me to the craziness that is Endorphin.

On the financial side I’ve learned not to borrow money; if you get the man and debt off your back you can do amazing things for your family and for others. The last two plus years have been fantastic! Working out with all of you and the phenomenal trainers has allowed me to maintain my conditioning and be part of a wonderful community. The real key is to treat your workouts like any other important appointment on your schedule and don’t waiver. Good health is critical for a long fulfilling life. I feel more balanced today than ever and am excited for a great 2016!