My wife invited me to a Ryder’s cycling class shortly after we moved to Colorado almost 5 years ago – I went, I rode, and I’ve never looked back. I’m addicted. Endorphin embraces and promotes the lifestyle that I believe many people in Colorado choose – healthy, adventurous, and breaking the threshold– both physically and mentally.

The idea that pushing your limits physically also enhances one’s mental and emotional awareness has become excruciatingly clear over the past 4 years, something that is multiplied exponentially by the energy and compassion brought to each class by Endorphin’s highly dedicated and caring instructors.

I’ve been on hockey teams and rowing teams in the past, and never have I felt capable of reaching or exceeding the same level of personal accomplishment as when I’m surrounded by a group of fellow Warriors sweating profusely at 5:30 in the morning, three days a week.

Endorphin is truly a “drug” that drives daily life – providing energy, balance and excitement each day. My wife and I are also passionate mountain bikers and the level of strength, endurance, skill, and stamina we have achieved in the past several years is directly attributable to the regular training and conditioning we receive from Endorphin.