I’ve been a member of Qi and now Endorphin for more than four years now. When I first joined I was just a few blocks from the City Park location and joined primarily for yoga classes. I’ve since bought a house and moved north of City Park, and changed jobs twice in that time, and the gym has been an excellent constant for me. The sense of community and the incredible instructors are unparalleled in a city full of great gyms and talented fitness professionals. I’d know, I’ve tried lots of other gyms. Endorphin is the best, hands down.

My class interests have morphed over time- I went through a yoga-only phase, and was pretty dedicated to boxing for awhile; this winter I seem to be gravitating towards the HITT and kinesis classes- and I continue trying to be a regular at Tigress.

This winter I have noticed a big change in my leg strength and endurance for snowboarding- now I can easily spend all day riding powder (when I am lucky enough to get the chance); before my legs would crap out long before the rest of me. And that’s something that Endorphin has been great for- keeping me fit enough to enjoy all of my other activities even more. Other friends might have a painful acclimation time when the season for mountain biking starts back up- I know I’ll be able to do my favorite rides as soon as the trails thaw out. Rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding- all of my outside activities have improved leaps and bounds with the strength training and conditioning I do in Endorphin classes. Now only crappy technique is to blame if I’m not on top of my game!