My first experience with the Endorphin team was a Sunday Sweatilicious class back in 2010 with Briana,and  it was brutal!  I was looking for a way to mix up my standard running routine and the idea of the Ryders bikes appealed to me.  For some (insane) reason I decided that a Sunday afternoon spent in a sweatshop would be a good introduction.  I thought I was in pretty good shape being an avid runner, I was sorely mistaken.  I am happy to say though, it took that one Sunday class and I was addicted!  I can’t tell you whether it was my competitive spirit (knowing that I could and should have done better in the class), the appeal of the Ryders bikes, the great instructors and amazing people, or if my brain simply forgot to register the pain I endured which lead me to keep coming back- all I can say is I am so thankful for that one Sunday as my life and physical health has never been the same!  In a few short months I noticed not only a change in my weight (I lost 15lbs), but also a change in strength (I could barely do one push-up when I started- I’m now doing burpees while pregnant), my mental health, and dedication to my overall well-being.  An added bonus, I was able to shave 1:30 off my mile time and achieve 3 PRs!

A lot of people question my sanity going to the gym at o’dark thirty 5 days a week, all I can say is that it’s worth it even when you don’t feel like waking up by the time you arrive at class you have a full room of amazing people motivating you.  Between Chris, Briana, Nick, and all the other amazing instructors I always feel like I can and should push myself to the next level.

These past few months I have been even more grateful for the Endorphin community as there are some truly badass mommas who have motivated me through my pregnancy.  It was never a question of if I would continue working out when I was pregnant; I knew that I would for my own sanity, but more of how long I would be able to keep going to the gym.  I am currently 34 weeks and still waking up before the sunrise to make sure I get my daily dose of Endorphins, through yoga, warriors, HITT, Hellth, or rowing (my new favorite class!).  While I might not be able to push myself like I use to, I still head to class because I would truly miss my morning wake-up and the way I feel after each class.  I am already looking forward to returning to Endorphin post-pregnancy even when I’m working off fumes from a sleepless night with Chris yelling at me, sweat flying at me, and that feeling of pure exhaustion from kicking my own ass- I’m addicted!