I have been part of Endorphin since I moved to Denver back in 2009.  Endorphin was one of the first communities I became part of after graduating college and moving to Denver.  I think of Endorphin as one of the constants in my continually changing and busy life.  The variety of classes and locations Endorphin has to offer is the reason I stay with the gym; since the gym is changing just as much as my life, there is always room for a workout!!!  I so appreciate the open and welcoming members and staff of Endorphin. I look forward to my early workouts and getting called-out on the carpet when I don’t make it to one of my regular classes…all in-fun of course.   I am a big fan of Warriors, Spin/Row, Kinesis…and taking dancing in all of them when the music requires me to break-it-down.

While I would LOVE to get out of work more often to enjoy this great state we call home, Endorphin helps me keep in the groove of things so when I do make it outside to enjoy some skiing, road biking or running, I enjoy the experience just as much as my friends who are able to get out more then I.  Not only does Endorphin help keep my body in-shape, but also my mind so I am able to roll into work ready and able to empower team members through those busy clinic days at the hospital.  I love Endorphin and look forward to many more early morning workouts and dance-breaks.