Gloria Padilla has always been a very active and inspirational person.  She was always supporting one of her kids in any activity one of them may have been involved in as they were growing up. After all she is a mother of 7 children, grandmother of 16 and a great grandmother to 9 and still counting.  She is still every bit involved in her kids and grand/great grandkids lives.  The only difference now is everyone is joining her at the most wonderful gym community to workout.

At the age of 67, just a month before Gloria’s 68th birthday, Gloria attended her very first bootcamp class in the park.  Chris and Nick always giving her absolute incredible support to keep going.  She has gone from not being able to get up off the ground without a lot of struggle to holding plank and doing the dreaded burpees. She has lost a lot of inches and weight and is now in the best shape and health that she has been in since her younger years.

When Gloria is not busy on vacation with one of her kids or her grandkids or with one of her many friends, you will find her at a class in Lowry.  She is so inspirational to everyone in her classes.  Do not make the mistake that if she is your partner you will have it easy.  Far from that.  She will go out of her way to make you work harder than you thought you might.  She gives everything she has in every class.  She has everyone cheering her on as much as she does the cheering!  Gloria is truly Endo strong.

Thank you to Chris and Corina Lindley and Nick for always having Gloria’s back and loving her like you do.

Endorphin has truly been a blessing for Gloria and her family.  Thanks to all the trainers and members as well.  It is the most motivational place for a person to grow, struggle and succeed!!!!