Best way to start my day: Sara’s 5:30 in the morning kinesis class at Endorphin’s City Park gym.  I used to be very physical, playing tennis, hiking, skiing, dancing, gardening, bicycling etc.  Years went by.  Life happened.  I worked long hours in surgery and made my art (oil paintings).  It just seemed normal to have less stamina and strength as I got older but I didn’t like it.  Plus it was “suddenly” much harder to drop five pounds when I wanted to.

At the start of my first class I remember thinking the appropriate number of true push-ups that a woman my age should do was approximately one!  A year later I could do 80 full push-ups in sets of ten alternating with burpees and squats.  What a thrill to build muscle strength, endurance and balance so quickly working out just three days a week.  I loved it.  Crystal was the best upbeat motivator through those first weeks of sore shaky limbs.

I like working in a group and found real friends among the staff and “the regulars”.   I like not knowing what the workout will be ’til I am doing it.  I like the  teasing and laughter as we all do our best.  And I like  being stronger than I have ever been.