Sports have been a HUGE part of my life for what seems like forever.  I grew up playing basketball, soccer, and running.  I was always in a sport.  When I graduated college and no longer had my daily basketball practices to look forward to, I started training for marathons.

When I moved out to Colorado in 2010, I quickly adopted the “Weekend Warrior” status by making ADVENTURES an important part of my life.  I LOVE to spend my weekends in the mountains – mountain biking, backpacking, and snowboarding. There is nothing better than getting outdoors, getting high in the mountains, getting better at the things you enjoy most, and seeing the beauty we have in our backyard.

Endorphin has also been a huge impact in my daily life.  The classes at Endorphin have helped me build the strength, endurance, and speed needed to enjoy my “Weekend Warrior” adventures.

When I first started at Endorphin in November 2012, I did not have the strength in my wrist to do a push-up due to a surgery several years prior.  With the help of the Endorphin team and their modified workouts, I quickly built that strength back.  Not only can I do a push-up, but I can do many, even winning a push-up contest at the Warren Miller Film Tour 😉

I do not think there is enough one can say about the staff at Endorphin.  They develop the best workouts, provide a sense of community, and smile the whole class (that is, unless they are yelling at you to go faster)!  They not only support you inside the walls of the many Endorphin locations, but also provide resources for your situation. I fell off my mountain bike this summer and needed stitches in my knee.  The doctor told me I needed to take 10 days off.  I likely looked at him like he was crazy, 10 days without working out?!  In a moment of panic, I messaged a handful of the Endorphin staff and asked them for modified workouts that I can do while not bending my left knee.  I received responses and suggestions from each one.  I was able to “get through” those 10 days with the support, guidance, and suggestions from some of my favorite instructors!

Endorphin has great diversity in classes and class times.  Their classes truly work your body from head to toe, and also your mind!  There is nothing better than working a new muscle and feeling sore the next day.  When my work schedule seems busy, there is a class I know I can get to.  For that, I am grateful.

Movement in the form of sports, adventures, and working out is a huge part of my life – as a stress reliever (I am a school psychologist in a middle school, so lots of stress to be managed!) and an opportunity to experience success and be challenged. There are times when I, and my friends and family, have referred to my need to workout as an addiction. Thus, I can relate to the motto Endorphin: Movement is Our Drug.

I am very thankful for the Endorphin community and classes.  Movement is indeed a way of life!