I grew up in an active family that emphasized the importance of getting some form of exercise every day. I started in gymnastics when I was in kindergarten, and this soon became my life outside of school.  I competed until I started high school, when I decided it was time to be a ‘normal’ kid, such that I was, and participate in more sustainable extracurriculars.  My mom is a runner, and I started joining her on runs.  I joined the track team, the cross-country team and played soccer.

I went to the University of Colorado-Boulder for undergrad and Gonzaga for law school, where my commitment to fitness developed into more of an outlet and my sacrosanct ‘me time.’

I married my better half in 2009, and in 2013 we moved to North City Park.  This fine gentleman knocked me up at my behest, which prompted me to stop with the heated yoga sculpt classes I had been doing and find a new gym closer by . . . d.r.u.m r.o.l.l. . . . Endorphin!

With this new community I have gone through pregnancy, maternity leave and now life as a full-time working mom.  I work out at 5:30am because that is when I can, and I have not been shy in sharing that these morning workouts are integral to my sanity and ability to be the best mom, wife, friend and attorney that I can be.

Of all the gyms and all the organized exercise I have been a part of, I have never found a fit for me like Endorphin, where the smiling faces, positive energy, hard workouts and hard workers are simply unmatched.  People who think I’m nuts for my early morning workouts just don’t get it; I am beyond grateful that I have found those of you who do!

Outside of here, if you find me before noon I am likely sipping on coffee; after 5pm, it’s often something more festive; and anytime in between it’s water, which I prefer with bubbles.   Everything is better with bubbles.  And sunshine.  Oh, and don’t forget the music.