We moved out here nearly four years ago from New York City for quality of life reasons. It was a difficult decision to move from the place where my great kids (Charlie – 16 and Katie 11) and I had all been born and had lived. My whole family is from and mostly still lives in NYC. My kids are the fourth generation born on the island of Manhattan.

But I had lived in Colorado (Aspen) for a couple of years after college, knew how great it was and had always wanted to come back.

So sold the apartment, moved out here (without a job; I’m in IT) and only a few friends. Quite a change and adjustment from the place in which you grew up and seemed to know everybody. But change keeps you young; moving forward, learning and growing.

Finding Endorphin (or Qi at the time) was like a godsend. As we all know, it’s so much more than a gym. It’s a community. It’s like family. Yeah, everyone says it about their gym, but for us Endorphinites, when know it’s true!