We discovered Endorphin about 15 months ago while looking for a free 1-week membership during one of our quick trips to Denver. Warriors was our first class and it was definitely the hardest workout we had ever done… Right off the bat, we were completely addicted to the intensity of the workouts and the variety of different classes offered. There was also just something different and special about this place. As everyone knows, it is more than just a gym… it is a community of high energy, inspiring people who are really more like a family to each other. We split time between NYC and Denver for work, and Endorphin has made it really hard for us to not want to move here full time 😉 We are both in the best shape we’ve ever been in because of everything Endorphin has brought to our lives. Our experience at Endo has helped us to find better places to workout in NYC, though nothing will ever quite compare 😉 We are legit SO obsessed (especially Scott) with the friends we have made here that we created a Facebook group called Endoholics where everyone can make plans outside of the gym as well. From ski trips & weekend adventures to scavenger hunts and beyond, definitely check it out & join here — https://www.facebook.com/groups/endoholicsdenver

Scott’s Experience:

I remember in the beginning I took an “MPIT” class with Lindley and got totally crushed (couldn’t move for a couple days after). I thought I was in pretty good shape until Brittany Poyer and a bunch of other insane athletes completely dominated me! I took a picture of the circuit we did and brought it back to NYC, replicating it a few times to try and improve my time. From that point forward I was hooked and running a few miles or lifting weights at a regular gym just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I needed more intensity, longer classes and something that made working out more fun. At Endo, you have amazing people dying along side of you and the best instructors motivating and making you laugh.. Somehow it always ends up being fun. Working out here has brought Emily and I closer together on so many levels too. She has become this badass chick that I always knew she could be. She just did her first pull up!, we are doing Spartan races together and are super excited for lots of fitness related adventures. The funny thing about Endo is find myself super excited to wake up and go to class and spend time with all of these crazy people… am I the only one?? In NYC, we sleep til like 10am everyday! Admittedly we drink more beer & eat more tacos here just kicking it after evening classes, but it is totally worth it. I had always dreaded turning 30 but now that I am a couple months out, I feel at peace and super excited about it… and I know that I owe a lot of that to this place.

Emily’s Experience:

Before Endorphin working out was a chore for me. I would get obsessed with a certain workout (p90x, running, etc) for a few months just to lose weight, and then I would eventually lose interest and gain it all back again. Endorphin pulled me in and working out finally became a part of my life for good. Who knew being tortured could be so fun?? Endo has given me sanity, self-confidence, and an extended family of people who motivate and inspire me daily. Over time I have stopped even thinking about fitness being about weight, and it has just become something that truly fulfills me in many ways. Looking good is just a bonus. I feel really blessed to have found this place that has truly changed my life.