Scott StrineAfter the real estate investment trust that I worked at for 17 years was bought by its largest competitor in 2011, there was a significant workforce reduction, which included myself. I suddenly found myself with lots of spare time. No more 60 to 70 hour work weeks. I’ve always been active and stayed in shape primarily lifting weights, but wanted to try something new. When Endorphin opened a small yoga studio near Lowry in late 2011, I decided to drop in and try it out. I was hooked! It was very different and extremely challenging. It was an excellent complement to my other physical activities. When the yoga classes were discontinued at Lowry, I moved over to the City Park studio, which had more class offerings with lots of great instructors teaching all different levels and styles of yoga. My schedule is pretty flexible allowing me to drop in on yoga classes almost every day and occasionally even squeezing in two classes a day. Yoga is not only a great physical workout, but is great in terms of improving breathing, staying focused and clearing the mind. I always feel super energized after a yoga class.

Chill out and give yoga a try!