Five years ago, I retired from my stress and constant travel-filled job. I had done some yoga many years ago, so thought it would be a good way to de-stress, re-align, and achieve some balance in my life. My husband, Howard, had never practiced yoga before. I thought if he liked it, it would be a good opportunity to get some exercise together. He had undergone back surgery, two hip replacements, and foot reconstruction after a fall from a ladder, so his exercise options had been limited in recent years.

I was hopeful that our first yoga class would be a positive experience, and it was! Since then, we have signed up for unlimited classes at Park Hill Endorphin, gone on yoga retreats in Costa Rica with Diane Sieg (an awesome instructor!) and joined a community of yoga practitioners there three times a week. We have loved all of the instructors we have met at Park Hill. We have been fortunate to practice with Allyson Levine, Nilmini Hecox, and Mark Genco, among others.

We can say without hesitation that practicing yoga has lived up to our expectations and more. We have achieved greater flexibility, balance, focus, and connections to wonderful people in our neighborhood and beyond. This has been a great experience for a couple of senior citizens!