After a major neck surgery in 2005, James has been dedicated to working out. Once he started lifting weights during his recovery, it quickly became a staple in his life and a part of his identity. While he always preferred solitary workouts that didn’t incorporate much cardio, James stumbled upon Endorphin after moving to east Denver. Primarily lifting weights for the first six months, he decided to try group classes. After a few reluctant Kinesis, HIIT and Spin/HIIT classes, he quickly became hooked. He tried to convince Lana to join for months, but she was adamant that she hated gym culture.

Lana was always athletic growing up and was ambitiously involved in gymnastics, dance, soccer, volleyball, and swimming. As an adult, she struggled with finding a new outlet for fitness that was just as engaging and fun (but again, wanted nothing to do with a gym). Lana started practicing yoga which was a perfect complement to her dance training. When her neighborhood yoga studio (Park Hill) was purchased by Endorphin, she no longer had an excuse not to give “gym life” a try.

James and Lana used to train in dance at the same studio (that’s how they met) and they really missed having a fitness activity that they could do together. The schedule and offerings at Endo fit perfectly with James’ traditional, 9-5 family law practice as well as with Lana’s irregular realtor schedule. As a result, Endo has become so much more than a gym for them. It has helped them reconnect with their mutual love of fitness, allowed them to spend more time together, and enriched their lives with a whole new community of amazing friends.