words by
Andrew Gelber IFTA CPT

This month at Endorphin we are all about spreading the enjoyment of movement and fitness to loved ones. It is truly an amazing gift to have your health. We often ignore and/or take it for granted because our lives’ are overcome with distractions (work, stress, plans, travel, hardships). It is hard to find the time to take care of ourselves properly. It all starts with establishing a routine. We all have routines in some way, shape, or form (getting ready for the day, getting ready for bed, meal regimens, etc.). Whether big or small, we are creatures of habit. The more positive/progressive habits we can have, the better creatures we can become. I want to express that this month is just the beginning of new routines for not just the newcomers, but also for our current members!

My motivation for this month is to help new and current members learn to establish a routine! Using my experiences in successes and failures with routines, I hope to inspire/coach/guide people towards new goals. The key is to start small. Create an achievable/attainable goal. An example of that would be to attend one class every week or two weeks. Achieve this goal and move forward from there. Not only have you established a new routine, but you have also achieved it! You will build confidence through small achievements. Once you have built your confidence up, you will be ready for more (whatever more is to you).

Now for the members that have a movement/fitness routine in place, your goal could be to adjust your routine. Add a class/class type into your routine that wasn’t there before. Challenge your body and mind to a new mode of movement and commit to it within your routine. Your body becomes accustomed to the same movements over and over, so changing up your established routine will benefit your body and mind.

We are excited to use this month as a kick start to anyone and everyone’s movement lifestyle. The key is that this is just the start! We want everyone to commit to their health and well-being once the month is over. Find yourself a sustainable routine that works for you and your lifestyle! If you need any tips or guidance to create a routine that you can maintain over a long period of time, email me at andrew@myendorphin.com!