words by – Valerie Perrone
Personal Trainer, NASM CPT
Yoga/Fitness Instructor


Be kind to yourself throughout the holidays. I hear so much negative self talk from students/clients around holiday time (“I was so bad over the holiday weekend, I didn’t work out, I ate too much, I drank too much…”). But did you enjoy yourself?

My philosophy is that it is OK to allow yourself to enjoy the holidays as long as you are mindful. This means, continue to be conscious with your choices and do the best you can as you celebrate. It might not be necessary to have that 2nd piece of pie or the 4th glass of wine at every holiday party…and maybe a post Christmas dinner walk with your family wouldn’t hurt.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a permanent commitment. Things realistically come up from time to time that can/will throw you off of your routine. This is the beauty of life! If we had no variety, no holidays, no vacations, no special-occasion exquisite meals, nothing to celebrate, life would be really boring. So, instead of getting too caught up in anxiety, guilt, judgement or shame around having a few holiday cookies and a spiked eggnog, or sleeping in on New Years Day versus going to your 5:30am cycle class…enjoy yourself, get some additional rest, and be grateful to spend extra time with friends and family over a delicious holiday meal.

Have the self-confidence to trust that you will get right back into your routine when it’s over. No need to go to extremes to make up for it by going on crazy cleanses, unrealistic “jump-start” diets or “3-a-day” workouts. Just simply come right back to where you left off pre-holiday and you will be good as new in no time (without all the emotional baggage).

So this holiday season, be kind to yourself, be mindful, and have a great time!