Personal Training Packages:

60 Min. Single Session – $75

5 – 60 Min. Single Sessions – $350

Small Group Training (60 min.) for 2 – 4 people – $120

Neil Allman

Neil AllmanI LOVE strength training. If you are looking to add strength to your program, let me show you the way. Strength training will give you a stronger metabolism, healthier joints, and toned muscles. Through properly planned training you will have increased self-confidence, more energy throughout your day, and lose body fat. Together we will create a plan and work the plan to success. For more information or to setup a training session, email

Andrew Gelber

Andrew GelberAndrew is a certified personal trainer (IFTA) and has been with Endorphin since the beginning. He is a Kinesis and HIIT instructor for Endorphin. He has a strong belief in training across all the different types of exercise (lifting weights, footwork, yoga, interval training, cycling, etc.). He is a skateboarder and uses his own exercise regime to allow him to continue his skateboarding life. He knows that exercising has a bigger purpose than physical appearance. He will help you move more comfortably and functionally in your life, whatever it is you do. He knows the importance of utilizing more than one type of training in your workouts. He understands the significance of nutrition and can guide you into a healthier lifestyle. Try out a class of his to see his style of training and to chat with him about one-on-one sessions, or email him at

Sara Kemis

sara_kemisMy passion for training started when I was young. Growing up, I was inspired by my amazing coaches and physical therapists who helped me tackle intimidating hurdles. Sometimes you just need that extra push, that person beside you saying: you are capable of this! I have been there. I love it when someone has that breakthrough moment, when they can feel proud of what they have accomplished, big or small. It takes persistence, but if you stay the course, it will happen. I studied Sports & Exercise Science and Nutrition at Metro State University. I have continued my education with several certifications ranging from Personal Training (NASM), Nutrition and Wellness Consulting (AFPA), Kinesis Function Training (Techno Gym), Cycling (Qi Warriors & Schwinn) and many more.

My Training and Consulting Philosophy: Strength, functional training, as well as nutrition play a huge role in overall fitness and health. While we will focus on all three, training will vary for each individual. Part of being a great trainer and/or nutritionist is understanding what will motivate and work for each individual. I aim to create a space where people can learn and understand why they have certain habits or dysfunctions, and how to fix them. Understanding our bodies movements and eating habits allows us room for growth and adjustment. Together we will find your strengths and weaknesses, and build a plan of attack customized to your individual goals. There is not a one size fits all training or nutrition program. It’s easy to get stuck looking for a quick fix, there are no shortcuts. I can help you! We will work together on building strength and creating healthy habits you can maintain for LIFE. It won’t be easy but I guarantee it’ll be worth it. For personal training, group training, nutritional consulting, wedding training and written training programs please contact me at

Bree Murphy

After more than a decade of coaching educators and teaching fitness; Breeanna Murphy has integrated both of her passions and is now supporting clients at Endorphin through personalized programing and wellness coaching. She will help you set goals and support you along the way as you meet and exceed your targets. If you are looking for more balance in your life, to lose weight, to increase strength or to make healthier food choices, Bree will create a program that is catered to your specific needs. Her coaching will help you make the most of your schedule at Endorphin so that you will be able to see improvement in your overall wellness. Bree’s personalized programming will transform you in only 8 weeks.

This is an example of what her clients are saying about her: “Seeking Bree’s competent guidance was a game changer in my fitness journey. Despite altering a lot of things on my own in my diet and workout routine I felt I was spinning my wheels and not getting the results or the progress I was working so hard for. Surrendering to Bree’s programming and wellness coaching I propelled my fitness in ways I didn’t imagine were possible in a short period of time. I attained goals that seemed too far to get to, I lost several inches throughout my body, I learned to really be more mindful and find comfort in it. I strictly followed her advice and the results came very quickly. It’s been a wholesome and enriching experience and I would recommend it to anyone feeling stuck or not.” For more information or to schedule a training session, contact Bree at

Valerie Perrone

valerie perroneValerie is a Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine (2014). In addition, she teaches Yoga, Cycling, Warriors and other fitness classes offered at Endorphin. She is a dedicated gymnast, yoga practitioner and runner. She loves helping people take their training and overall health goals to the next level both physically and mentally. Her training focus lies within strength training, core stabilization, running, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and increasing flexibility/joint mobility. If you are looking for a well-rounded, fun training program that efficiently addresses your particular needs and produces results, contact Valerie to set up your first session!

Nick Spinosa

Nick SpinosaI have a holistic approach to physical fitness, while still looking at each individual and what works best for him or her. Balance combined with consistency is key for the mind and the body. I work with all ages, from children to the elderly, as well as all levels – starting with simple muscle activation all the way up to pushing the world’s strongest athletes to their max. For more information or to schedule a training session, contact Nick at

Courtney Shelby

courtney_shelby_cropAs a fitness specialist, dancer, biker, yogi and world traveler, Courtney is passionate about helping one person at a time. “Strength training and dance are my favorites”. She believes health is a lifelong practice that starts from the inside out. She takes a unique, fresh, whole person, cross training, faith approach to health and fitness, by helping you renew your mind. “Nutrition is essential to health and directly impacts your results.” You will be inspired, empowered, equipped, and set free from the bondages of food and training myths. “More is not always better. It’s about finding the right balance for you.” She is passionate about helping people live happy, healthy, pain free lives. She works with adults, seniors, youth (sport specific) in strength, cardio, fat loss, flexibility, pregnacy, pre/post natal and injury rehabilitation. Group training is available. Special programs include: Wedding Fitness Nutrition – She will create a personalized program and help you get in your best shape for that special day, and for your new life (brides, grooms, bridesmaids/groomsmen, mother and father of the bride and groom). Food Coaching – for fat loss, general health, travelling workers, youth, and college bound students. Learn about food, what to eat and how to grocery shop. You will receive in depth, quick, easy, personalized and effective solutions to nutrition challenges and cooking tips. Lifestyle Fitness Planning- help with time management, travel, organizing and planning workouts/activities, meals and recovery into your work and family life. Genetic testing is also available. Tests include weight management, nutrition needs, heart health and bone health. Certifications: NASM certified personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialst, Nutrition Fitness Specialist, Schwinn Cycle Certified, American Heart Association CPR & AED certified. Contact Courtney at 720-272-8583 or