by Andrew Gelber

Here is one of my favorite low-carb, protein-packed, high-fiber, champion-style meals for post-workouts (probably after a protein shake):

– 2 slices of bacon (thick cut!) – 

– 3 leaves of kale (any color) chopped up with stems

– 2 eggs

– 1/2 cup of quinoa (any color)

– 1 cup of water










1. Bring water to a boil in a pot. Add quinoa. Turn heat down to low/simmer. Cover with lid and let cook for 15 mins.

2. In a pan, cook one side of the bacon slices at Med/Hot heat. When you flip the bacon, the bacon fat will layer the bottom of pan. Toss the chopped up kale in with the bacon while the other side cooks. Turn the heat down to Med/Low heat. Cover the pan with a lid. This will trap in the moisture from the kale and bacon fat. It will help cook the kale properly! After 2-3 minutes of cooking with lid on, remove lid and stir contents of pan. Let this cook for 1 more minute with lid off. Move bacon and kale from pan to a bowl.

3. Your quinoa should be fully cooked at this point (you can almost never mess up quinoa). If there is water still present, you can either drain it or let is simmer off by taking the lid off and leaving on the burner. Put the cooked quinoa on top of your bacon/kale combo in the bowl.

4. Use this same pan that you cooked your bacon/kale in to cook your eggs! Make the eggs however you like them, but I recommend sunny-side up! Put the eggs on top of the quinoa. If you prepared them sunny-side up, crack the yolk over the quinoa and spread around!

5. Add any hot sauce and devour!!!

In this tasty concoction, you get a ton of protein from the eggs, bacon, quinoa, and even the kale (mostly in the stems)! You also get a ton of fiber from the quinoa and kale. These ingredients are so simple and there are no added spices or salt or crap in it. You can season it as you like (cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, etc.). The other thing I love about this recipe is it is adaptable to other styles of eating. Don’t eat meat? Use olive oil  and sweet potatoes instead of bacon. Tired of kale? Use collard greens or chard. Can’t stand quinoa? Try it with steel-cut oats! Add stuff to it – avocado, onions, black beans, tomatoes, etc.! Want it to be like a salad? Put it all on a bed of greens! The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it! If it doesn’t look like the pictures posted, don’t stress it… Just eat the sh*t outta it!

Quinoa Skillet