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5on Google,Jan 20, 2018

Great classes, super friendly instructors

5on Google,Jan 07, 2018

5on Facebook,Dec 24, 2017
Tania Choquehuanca

Fantastic Vinyasa 2 Class! Julieta Claire was AMAZING! Perfect way to rise to the sun. I was a little nervous going into the class bc of it being level 2 but it was wonderful and I was able to modify easily when needed. Slowly takes you on a safe but yet challenging Vinyasa journey. Definitely recommend her class! I feel very stretched and my mind, muscles and balance were challenged at the same time.

5on Google,Dec 22, 2017

It's always a pleasure to be there. The staff is wonderful. I like the small studio. Even when it's a little crowded before and after class; it's fun. And I always love a clean bathroom with real towels.

5on Google,Dec 21, 2017

5on Google,Dec 20, 2017

Well equipped gym with lots of free weights! Knowledgeable instructors who take the time to make sure you are doing things correctly. Great community and vibe here. Lots of positive energy that will have you coming back!

5on Google,Dec 20, 2017

5on Google,Dec 20, 2017

Had a wonderful, playful and much needed yoga session with Kerry Allen. Had a mix of everything I like from flow to easy inversions (if you do choose), to some deep stretching right where I needed it!

5on Google,Dec 19, 2017

Awesome coaches and community- highly recommend!

5on Google,Dec 18, 2017

Nick was a great instructor and he HIIT class was a good way to start the day!

5on Google,Dec 18, 2017

5on Google,Dec 17, 2017

Vin/Yin class was great! Instructor was helpful, genuine, and very soothing to be guided by.

5on Google,Dec 17, 2017

Great location great Yoga great teacher- Diane Sieg

5on Google,Dec 17, 2017

Wonderful space. Classes are a perfect mix of challenge and restorative. Thank you!

5on Google,Dec 16, 2017

5on Google,Dec 14, 2017

5on Facebook,Dec 13, 2017

Tuesday afternoons ass and abs class with Kelsey kicks my butt, literally. It’s one of the best classes I have ever taken!! I love all the different offerings of this location, there’s something for everyone. Love this gym!

5on Google,Dec 12, 2017

I love the way Effie teaches, especially when she assists me in my poses!

5on Google,Dec 12, 2017

5on Google,Dec 10, 2017

5on Google,Dec 10, 2017

5on Google,Dec 08, 2017

I absolutely love how dynamic and fun the classes are! They find creative ways to engage different muscles and each class I have attended has left me feeling challenged and energized! I highly recommend it!

5on Google,Dec 08, 2017

Meg is amazing! Great class! She kept it flowing.

5on Google,Dec 07, 2017

Friendly, passionate, and supportive, instructors. Classes are fun and I get a super thorough workout, but never feel over-pushed. I had never done spinning or cycling before trying it at Endorphin. It's my workout of choice now, and I hope to continue membership here.

5on Google,Dec 07, 2017

Erin teaches a great Barre class! Completely redeemed barre classes for me! (Previous experiences left me bored). Erin did such a great job of not only keeping interest and the class going, but of providing a perfectly difficult workout!