Ged ready for our next challenge! From November 1st through December 31st, attend 3 classes at each of our 8 locations! That’s a total of 24 classes; 3 each at City Park, Ryders, Lowry, Broadway, Park Hill, LoHi, Northfield, and Berkeley! What better way to experience all the amazing classes and instructors that Endorphin has to offer than Tour de Endo! And don’t forget about the awesome PRIZE for those who complete the challenge…

Tour de Endo Challenge Details:

  • Challenge runs Nov 1st- Dec 31st

  • Complete 3 classes at each of our 8 locations

  • Open to anyone member or non-member

  • To join the challenge email, subject line: JOIN ENDO CHALLENGE,  email body: your full name and phone number

  • You may begin the challenge any day from Nov 1st – Nov 5th, but after Nov 5th we will no longer accept entries.

  • We are offering a special Challenge 24-Class pack for only $240, for those who aren’t already taking advantage of our amazing Unlimited Membership. That’s only $10/class! This pack is good for classes at ALL locations and is only valid for use during the challenge, 11/1/15 – 12/31/15. These challenge packs will expire on 12/31/2015, no exceptions, and will not be valid for use or accepted after this date. Challenge packs are available for purchase online today through November 5th.

  • You can attend classes in any order you please, as long as you end up with 3 classes at each location on or before December 31st!

  • Your class attendance will be tracked through your Endo account “visits” screen so be sure to get officially checked in for each class

  • What do you win?! Each person who completes the Tour de Endo challenge will receive a limited edition challenge hoodie! You will also receive a 5-class pack to gift to any non-member (must be a new customer who has not attended a class at Endorphin). The new year is a perfect time to give the gift of health and get your loved ones in the gym with you!