Yoga & Barre Privates/One on Ones

Erin Wimert

Private yoga sessions are a fantastic way to receive individualized attention for your unique body and its needs. Small tweaks in alignment can make a huge difference in your practice and understanding of your own body. Whether you’re curious to learn more about how to work with your body, breath or even begin a meditation practice, Erin can help you create a more meaningful connection with your body and your mind that will allow you to show up in a more present manner. This is a wonderful option for the beginner, seasoned practitioner and everyone in between!

Barre is an up and coming activity that is spreading through the fitness community like a wild fire. Barre is inspired by the great traditions of ballet, Pilates, yoga, cardiovascular exercise and strength training with a focus on a full-body workout. It includes smaller, precise movements as well as full range of motion, body weight only exercises and light weights. Barre is inspired by movement, grace and strength and is arelatively low-impact form of exercise that promotes long, lean muscles. Private instruction will allow you to target to the areas of your body that you are looking to strengthen and provide you with a new sense of awareness that will translate into all of your physical activities. If you’re tired of the same old gym routine, this is for you!

With seven years of teaching around under her belt, Erin has worked with thousands of individuals around the country to help them connect more deeply with their bodies and minds, particularly through yoga and barre. Erin has studied with senior instructors in both Denver and San Francisco and stays disciplined with her own continued education, which is evident when working with her. Her natural ability to communicate and connect with people holds space for them to discover their strengths and feel empowered to create authentic and positive change.

To book your private class, email or call us at 303-993-4041.