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Foundation Training with Jim Kelly

Feb 27, 2022 - Mar 20, 2022
From Pain to Performance

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body's natural order and put YOU at the center of your health.  It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended. 

When you practice regularly, your pain diminishes, your resistance to injury increases and your body comes to life.
We will strengthen your torso, pelvis and backside
Your hips reclaim their intended role as the epicenter of movement
Your spine decompresses and space opens throughout your toso
Your breathing capacity and oxygen levels increase
Your Muscles learn to correctly support your structure and posture improves
Your whole body becomes integrated and moves more efficiently
So let's end chronic pain, help prevent future injury, and start to move and live well!

Join us at Endorphin this February - March for a 4 week workshop detailing the fundamentals of Foundation Training, and start functioning at your absolute best.

In person workshop starting on February 27th concluding March 20th every Sunday at Endorphin from 4:30 - 5:30pm at our City Park location.

Free for Members, $69 dollars for non-members (includes a free unlimited Intro Month). 

Sign up soon, spaces are limited!
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