First Class Free

Open Gym

Looking for a gym to get a workout in and connect with community?


Our Broadway, Central Park and City Park gyms are open to our members via keyfob to utilize when classes are not in session.  Hours and equipment vary by location.   

  • Our gym is great for people with a flexible schedule and want something different than a big box gym.
  • $79/month gets you access to three locations in a three mile radius from our City Park location.
  • We have a minimum of 100 hours a week available of open gym at each of these studios.

*Be forewarned if you show up during a class we may just convince you to try it!

Contact the location manager listed at each location to schedule a time to get a tour and key fob.


Open 24 hours a day via key fob. 

To get set up, contact us here to schedule a time to get your key fob.