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Denver Trainers

BRANDON HARKEY Brandon can help you with getting into better shape to do the things you love in Colorado or if you need more specific sports training specializing in strength and conditioning training. Contact Me!
Sam Miller
Sam Miller  Science of Kinesiology  BA Meet Sam. Attaining his degree in kinesiology was fueled by his life long passion for sport and fitness. He believes everyone deserves to feel strong, confident, and competent in their own unique life’s journey.
He’ll bring out your inner athlete by using combinations of strength training, HIIT training, balance & agility exercises, and mobility movements to keep the body fresh  along the way. 
If it’s general fitness you're looking for, he’s got you covered. Sport specific training, you betcha. He’ll individualize, personalize, and prioritize whatever it is you’re getting after!
Contact Me!
COURTNEY SHELBY NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CES, PES and Women Fitness Specialist Courtney is a health coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer. "I help people take responsibility for their lives so they can lose weight, get stronger, get long lasting change, gain confidence and get their passion back for life." You will breakthrough obstacles and overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting the results you want. You will gain knowledge, have clear plan and path to success to finally live your healthiest and happiest life." Contact Me!

Eagle Trainers

VICKI KENNEY NSCA, CSCS, Nutrition Specialist Vicki teaches Dirty 30, Bootcamp, Ewod, HIIT and Strength classes at Endorphin Eagle Ranch, and offers personal training or nutrition consultations. Vicki has a passion for fitness and health. Her approach to her clients are to share that with them based on their needs and goals. Please contact for pricing. Contact Me!
LISA WOODS CI-CPT, 500+ RYT, TRX, Yoga Therapist Lisa is a Personal Trainer and teaches Indoor Cycling classes, Ski Conditioning and Step classes at Endorphin. She encourages clients to listen to their bodies and develop a mindset around a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She likes to motivate, encourage and focus on the positives! Contact Me!
WILLIAM BOURNE-TAYLOR Physical Therapist, Pilates Instrucor Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute Will specializes in clinical, modified Pilates techniques, and has extensive expertise in managing and rehabilitating injuries, chronic conditions, and ante and postnatal exercise.  I have worked with and trained Olympic rowers at Oxford University, as well as international triathlon and aquathlon athletes. Contact Me!
ASHLEY HOGOBOOM NASM CPT, Nutrition Specialist, 200 RYT Ashley currently teaches hiit and power yoga at Endorphin Eagle, and offers personal training, private yoga sessions and group training. Her focus is to help clients meet their personal fitness goals, and does so by encouraging strength in physical fitness and healthy nutrition habits. Ashley will recommend and design a plan specific to your needs, in order to build a strong mind and body. Contact Me!
TOMMY TRENT NASM CPT, Nutrition Specialist Tommy teaches strength training, bootcamps, and HIIT at Endorphin Eagle. He also offers personal training or private small group sessions focusing on resistance training. Tommy's style is to focus on proper form, push you, but make sure you’re cracking a smile and learning something new! Contact Me!
ERINN HOBAN NASM TRAINED Erinn has 10+ years of experience coaching and teaching in the Vail Valley. Currently teaching Ryders and Warriors, Erinn is an avid and competitive mountain biker and has helped others achieve their goals on two wheels. NASM trained and working to renew her certification, Erinn is passionate about helping individuals meet their goals inside the gym that translate outside to enjoy the amazing place we live. Contact Me!
SARAH BRUBECK                  BA in Exercise Science and  Sport                    MS in Athletic Administration Sarah Brubeck has been a Physical Education teacher and a coach for a variety of ages for over 12 years. She is a coach who will help to motivate and challenge you no matter what your individual goals might be. Sarah places and emphasis on proper form and alignment as well as mobility to improve fitness and strength. Contact Me!