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Autumn B
Love the classes and the staff--they are friendly, motivating, and knowledgeable. The equipment is clean and well-kept. Facilities are great. I haven't taken a class here that I didn't thoroughly enjoy!
Love Endorphin and all of the great options for classes. Very welcoming gym and the variety of instructors and classes keeps your workout routine feeling fresh and spicy like a good apple chutney.
Julie A
I’ve been a member of Endorphin about 5 months now and I highly recommend it. I primarily go to Barre/Yoga classes at the City Park and Park Hill locations. I’m always impressed by the quality of the instructors. The studios are clean, everyone is welcoming, and you’re guaranteed to get a good workout in!
Stopped in for a quick work out while in Denver for work. Serious gym without being pretentious. Young man working the desk was super friendly and helpful! I just bought a drop in yoga class but they let me work out while I was waiting for class to start. Plus towels and shower after class were a huge help! If I was a member, I would love for them to have a second stair climber since it’s a popular piece of equipment. But no complaints.
My favorite gym in Denver. Awesome group classes!
Jason W
I did my first-ever spin class. The instructor Emily was very helpful in gettingmy cycle set up and making sure I knew what to do before class started. about halfway through class she saw I was struggling and checked on me. If the class want so great, I probably could have finished it. Instead it showed me that I clearly need more regular exercise, and I will definitely come back to endorphin for more spin classes
Allie L
I absolutely love this studio! Tuesday virtual yoga classes with Megan are one of the highlights of my week. :)
Andrew L
Was visiting the city for a month and they worked with me to allow for a very affordable rate for that time frame. Staff is professional and accommodating. The gym itself is clean and all of the equipment is functioning. Definitely a good experience all around.