Livestream Classes

Endorphin now offers a Virtual Membership for only $39/mo!

Get unlimited access to livestream classes and our on-demand class library. All workouts will be "at-home" friendly and will not require equipment to participate or will provide house hold item substitutions. Enjoy Endorphin classes from the comfort of your own home with our month-to-month membership. Want to give our livestream classes a try first? Get 2 FREE WEEKS of virtual classes with no commitment!

Livestream Class Schedule:

All livestream classes will be scheduled through Mindbody. You can view them as you would a normal class through either the Mindbody app or the Endorphin app (just search for "myendorphin" in the app store)! You can also VIEW THE SCHEDULE HERE. ALL CLASSES WILL BE LISTED UNDER THE LIVESTREAM LOCATION. You must sign up for class in advance to receive access to the livestream. There is no late fee or penalty for signing up.

How to Livestream a Class

We are partnering with FitGrid (a fitness technology company) and Zoom to livestream classes.

  1. Purchase a Virtual Membership or virtual class credit.
  2. Sign up in advance for class through Mindbody.
    1. You will receive a confirmation email from FitGrid soon after signing up.
    2. Set your email account so that messages from "" always arrive in your inbox, and are never marked as spam. Here's a guide for how to do this in your email.
  3. 60 minutes before the class start time, a unique link to the Zoom class will be emailed to you from FitGrid. You will only receive this email and link if you are registered for class in advance.
  4. If you sign up for a class within the 60 minute window of the class start time, an email will be sent to you within 2-3 minutes.
  5. When you’re ready to join class, click on the link. Class should start automatically but if you are asked for a passcode by Zoom, there is one provided in the email.
  6. You will be automatically muted upon entry, but please make sure to stay muted during class so others can't hear you, unless you need to communicate with the instructor. There is also a chat function for questions!
  7. Turn your video on so we can see you! Our instructors love to check in on participants and give you shoutouts throughout the workout!
  8. Have questions or issues with your virtual setup? Email!

​On-Demand Classes:

Several Livestream classes per week will be downloaded and accessible in our on-demand class library through our Endorphin Vimeo channel.