First Class Free

Technique Clinics

Walk into the gym and next Endorphin class with the confidence that you are exercising safely and with proper motion to maximize your personal performance.

These 1.5 hour monthly clinics are designed to: 

  • improve form
  • limit potential chance of injury
  • maximize strength 
  • master movements with barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells

Clinics will be limited to 8 people to ensure you receive individualized feedback to improve your personal performance. All of our coaches are specialists in the field that they will be instructing along with years of personal performance experience. 

Every Monday 5-6:30 pm at Central Park

  • 1st Monday DEADLIFTS: Sumo, Conventional, Romanian 
  • 2nd Monday SQUATS: Front Squat, Back Squat, KBell Goblet, Dumbbell
  • 3rd Monday BENCH PRESS: Standard, Incline,Floor Press,Push UP
  • 4th Monday CLEAN & SNATCH: Clean, Power Clean, Snatch 
  • 5th Monday ROTATING CLINICS: Breath Work, Pelvic Work, Changes Topic

Prices: $40/members $50/nonmember